Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break

 During spring break, we had a large water main break in our neighborhood. This large break caused four other small breaks, one of which was in the lane next to our house. We had no water for about a day.

This is a picture of the water wagon where we had to get water to flush our toilets. No water for cooking, drinking or bathing, just to flush the toilets. We filled our bathtub and used the water from there, rather than keep going in and out of the house to the water wagon.

The next picture is of the trucks fixing a break up the street. They didn't get the the one in the lane until about 10:00 pm. It was too dark to take a picture then.

This next picture is of the man draining the water from the fire hydrant so they could work on the break in the lane. This was at about 5 pm.

We didn't have any bottled water to drink in the house, so I had to go to Safeway to buy some. We only had some large expired bottles of water in the house, so I used those to wash hands. We also went to get some Wet Ones to wipe our hands so that we don't use too much water to wash off soap.

This picture is of the area where the large main break occurred. I took this picture while on my walk. They were working on this one all day and well into the night.

Our water came back on at about 2 am. The pipes were screeching and making so much noise that we didn't get much sleep. It's a good thing this happened during Spring Break.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

 In 2010, we had to clean out my MIL's house to sell it. She has Alzheimer's and had to move into an assisted living facility. In the process of cleaning, I got her old Singer 301a sewing machine. I held on to it for a year trying to decide what to do with it. She was a very talented quilter and seamstress. She sewed all kinds of things for my two daughters from bean bags to pants. She sewed many Hawaiian quilts. She made us a queen sized Hawaiian quilt for our wedding present and it is on our bed to this day.

Since my FIL passed away, she stopped quilting and has not sewn an inch. I don't know how long her sewing machine was just sitting there and I did not try it to see if it worked.

I ended up trading in her machine and all it's many attachments for a Janome. I probably could have gotten more if I donated it and wrote it off on my taxes, but...oh well. I'm satisfied, Singers are not my favorite brand of machine. I'd be very sad if my Bernina ever died.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anti-Candida Diet and Orca Bay

This is what I eat for breakfast every morning. It's the only thing I can eat on this Anti-Candida Elimination Diet. I started this diet in October or November of last year. Dr. Jason Uchida started me on the supplements very slowly because I was extremely sensitive to many things. I have just finished adding in my last supplement. Hooray! My next visit to Dr. Uchida is in two weeks...hopefully he'll tell me that I can start adding some foods back in because I am getting the desire to eat more things.

I have started a new quilt in November of last year. Bonnie Hunter had a mystery that started in November and ended in January...I think. Anyway, it is called "Orca Bay". Almost everyone who started the mystery finished it, except me. I am working on part 4. This is a picture of part 1. I will post the other parts later after I take pictures of them.

Monday, March 26, 2012

On My Walks

Since yesterday was the first nice day we had in a while, I went on a short walk. As I walk around the block, there is a Puakenikeni tree which almost always has blossoms on it. I love the smell of the blossoms.

Down the street from our house, lives a duck. One day after some rain, the duck was in the middle of the street. One of our neighbors was coming down the street, but the duck wouldn't move out of the way. He honked his horn and waited, but the duck just looked at his truck. He finally ended up going around the duck. It was pretty funny.