Sunday, May 29, 2011


 Our family went up to Oregon for Willamette's Hawaii Club's Luau. The cherry blossoms were in bloom when we went up. My picture didn't turn out very well, but they were so pretty.

The next picture is of one of the center pieces for the luau. They had these glass bowls with bath beads(?) in them with a candle and it glowed in the dark during the program.

The next picture is of the pineapple that was being served at the luau.

We were able to stop at Bob's Red Mill while we were in Oregon and ate at the restaurant there. I had the tofu scramble with gf toast. It was probably one of the best meals I had up there.

It was a good trip, unfortunately is was too short since we had to go during the school year and I could only take off for a few days.

Time to sew?

I made this bag back in February as a gift for one of MAC guests. She gave me some fabric that I forgot to take a picture of. She gave me mostly green fabric. Thank you to Kathryn Devine for all the fabric!

Now that school is done for the year, I need to get ready for dd #2's HS graduation.  Maybe I'll have time to do some sewing (sigh).

Friday, May 20, 2011

May Madness

Cleaning my room at school for the end of the year. Just dropped off about a dozen small wastebasket sized bags full of fabric at the Goodwill drop off point. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures. We were getting ready for DD#2's high school graduation.