Saturday, April 17, 2010


Okay, I've acquired more scraps and they're overflowing. I'm working on organizing them into strips and squares. It's a bit of a mess right now. I've got more in my classroom at school. I don't want to bring them home until I get these taken care of. They just seem to multiply on their own. I've got to get a better system. I think my bins are too large. I was thinking of getting smaller containers to put in the larger ones, kind of like silverware dividers that you can get at the dollar store. That way I can separate dark, medium and light colors. Right now they are just being piled in the pink containers. 

I have one pink container that is full of crumbs or weird shaped scraps that is full. I think I will work on that container first so that I can put more into it as I keep cutting. 

I'm not sure how small I should go. I think the smallest piece is a one-inch square. I have to find more patterns or think of more things I can make. I've made lots of crumb blocks...I could make more, but maybe it's time to try something else...maybe some sort of crafty type of thing like patchwork coaster, card/picture holders or potholders??? Hmmm, any suggestions?