Monday, April 30, 2012

RRCB Parts 3 & 4

 Finally finished part 3 & 4 of RRCB.

Part 3 is neutral string blocks.

Part 4 is green and neutral squares.

We're getting there!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Farmer's Market

Every Wednesday, I go to the Farmer's Market at Windward Mall to buy papayas and other local produce. The papayas are $0.89 - $0.99/lb. I try to buy the ones from Hilo and the Red Papayas or Sunrise Papayas. They also have Kahuku Papayas, but I hardly buy those because the other two are better, in my opinion.

My Anti-Candida diet allows me to eat 1 whole papaya a day. That is the only fruit I am allowed to eat, so I try to buy enough papayas to last us the entire week, until the next Farmer's Market.

These are pictures of only the first floor. There are more vendors on the second floor. I find that the produce I buy here is fresher than the produce from the market.

The last picture is of the angry bird I made. I found a pattern online and decided to try and make it. I'm wondering if I should make some more.