Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anti-Candida Diet and Orca Bay

This is what I eat for breakfast every morning. It's the only thing I can eat on this Anti-Candida Elimination Diet. I started this diet in October or November of last year. Dr. Jason Uchida started me on the supplements very slowly because I was extremely sensitive to many things. I have just finished adding in my last supplement. Hooray! My next visit to Dr. Uchida is in two weeks...hopefully he'll tell me that I can start adding some foods back in because I am getting the desire to eat more things.

I have started a new quilt in November of last year. Bonnie Hunter had a mystery that started in November and ended in January...I think. Anyway, it is called "Orca Bay". Almost everyone who started the mystery finished it, except me. I am working on part 4. This is a picture of part 1. I will post the other parts later after I take pictures of them.

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