Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break

 During spring break, we had a large water main break in our neighborhood. This large break caused four other small breaks, one of which was in the lane next to our house. We had no water for about a day.

This is a picture of the water wagon where we had to get water to flush our toilets. No water for cooking, drinking or bathing, just to flush the toilets. We filled our bathtub and used the water from there, rather than keep going in and out of the house to the water wagon.

The next picture is of the trucks fixing a break up the street. They didn't get the the one in the lane until about 10:00 pm. It was too dark to take a picture then.

This next picture is of the man draining the water from the fire hydrant so they could work on the break in the lane. This was at about 5 pm.

We didn't have any bottled water to drink in the house, so I had to go to Safeway to buy some. We only had some large expired bottles of water in the house, so I used those to wash hands. We also went to get some Wet Ones to wipe our hands so that we don't use too much water to wash off soap.

This picture is of the area where the large main break occurred. I took this picture while on my walk. They were working on this one all day and well into the night.

Our water came back on at about 2 am. The pipes were screeching and making so much noise that we didn't get much sleep. It's a good thing this happened during Spring Break.

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