Saturday, June 9, 2012

Senior Art Show 2012 at Hallie Ford Museum

 My DD had her senior art show at the Hallie Ford Museum. She had 4 pieces in it about memory.  It is about how you only remember certain things.

The pieces are mounted between plexiglass to give the effect of shadows on the wall. The shadows on the wall came out blue in the photos I took.

The first piece is about how she remembered the bicentennial quarter as the drummer boy quarter, but didn't recall the words written around the quarter since she learned about the quarter before she could read.

 The next piece is about how she wished all the sand on the beach was snow.

The third piece is about how she remembered the big macs. She always thought they were huge when she was little, but now that she is all grown up, they're not that big.

Her fourth piece is a video tape about the Rugrats and Reptar, I believe it was the movie, but parts of the tape are missing.

The rest of the pictures are of some of the other pieces of at the Senior Art Show.

The one on the wall with the circles and squares was about patterns.

The clay pieces in front of them were about man's impact on the earth with automobile parts imbedded in the clay.

The next one is about endangered birds. They made paintings and paper macho' birds made out of books because e-books may cause printed books to be endangered like some species of birds.

The last two pictures are drawings about how people interact with each other. I just took pictures of them because I thought they looked like Japanese anime characters.

Here is a link to a video that someone took on the opening day of the Senior Art Show.



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