Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Orca Bay & Fabric From Samoa

 I finished part 2 of Orca Bay. Mine consist of yellow/orange strings. I changed the color. It should have been red.

The next two pictures are of the fabric the Polynesian Club used for their costumes. I was asked to help them sew their costumes for their "I Am Samoa" competition at the Polynesian Cultural Center in May. The fabric came from Samoa and it was beautiful. I don't now if you can see the glitter on the fabric, but it was everywhere. So fun! We used the sewing machines in my room at school.
The administrator in charge of the club designed the costumes. The picture of the top you see in the pictures wasn't the actual design used for the performance. The top went through some major design changes after the picture was taken.

The students worked very hard and practiced a lot. In the end, they won some sort of cash prize for their performance, so the effort was well worth it.

Congratulations to the Polynesian Club!

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