Sunday, February 10, 2013

QAYG and Candle Holders

I am exploring different ways to quilt my quilts on my domestic sewing machine. There are different Quilt as you go methods, so I signed up for a class at Bernina to learn how to make quilts using this method. The Bernina Club teacher made the samples and teaches the class.

The first two photos are samples of Quilt As You Go (QAYG) projects for the QAYG class I took. Did you know that there was a ruler I had to buy to make this? Apparently, this ruler can be used to make all the other patterns too. 

I decided to make the pattern in the second picture. I tried to make this during the class without the ruler, but I ended up purchasing the ruler, because it made making it so much easier and faster.

These are the fabrics I am using to make the quilt. I got done sewing strips on two blocks during class and that's as far as it's gotten. I haven't touched it since...I need more time. Hopefully, during the summer or spring break...
 These are thermal fingers...I must get some of these. They are great to use when ironing. Grace (the Bernina Club teacher), showed these to us when she showed us how to make these candle holders. 

The four flaps in the middle open up and you set your candle in there. She showed us two different ways to make them. This is the front...



Back...I don't know that I'll ever make one of these, but you never least I have the pattern. They might make a good Christmas gift. She said they fit the electronic candles from COSTCO.

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