Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pot Holders, Coasters and More

 My mom was cleaning up and she found this. This was from when I was in Kindergarten. I smelled pretty bad so I just took a picture of it and tossed it. Did you make one of these in Kindergarten? They got a large piece of butcher paper and made you lie down on it. You got traced, then you had to color yourself in. haha. I don't know if they still do this in Kindergarten.
 These are string pot holders and coasters. I made for my mom's birthday. I actually went overboard on the coasters and made double the amount. It was a good thing too, because I used them in a Christmas grab bag at the 2012 Bernina Club Christmas party. The woman who got it really liked it. She told me that she has to keep track of them so that they don't walk away.
 As in a earlier post here, I wrote about my worms. Well, I have a large black rubbermaid container with my worms in it. It is raised off the floor of the garage and the lid has air holes. One day, there was a small frog in it, like the one we found in the house. As I was moving the paper to feed the worms the frog jumped out at me! After that I decided to get the worms a new home. We went to Koolau Farmers and found this green worm bin. We tried to clean out the black bin, but it so large that we couldn't get all the worms out. Hopefully we can get to it this summer, otherwise I will have two worm bins! I don't know if I can maintain two of them.

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