Saturday, November 17, 2012

A UFO Finally Finished!

 I finally finished this crazy quilt pillow case. I think it took me about six years to finally get it done. The part that I kind of hesitated on was deciding whether I was done embellishing it. I finally decided that I just needed to decide that I was done with it, sew it together and be done with it and I am so glad that I did. 

I go to the Farmer's Market at Windward Mall and there is a vendor who has all these exotic fruits. Some of which I have heard of, but never seen before.

This first picture is of Jaboticaba, which my mother-in-law used to talk about all the time. She used to tell us about how good Jaboticaba jam is. It's no wonder that I never heard of it or saw it. The sign says it is grown in Brazil. Wow, that jam must be expensive!
This next one is Egg Fruit, a Southeast Asian fruit. I have never seen or heard of this before. The sign says it is highly nutritous, but doesn't tell how to prepare it. According to this website, it is pureed and added to shakes and ice cream. Interesting...
 This next item is either a nut or a seed and not a fruit. I have never seen or heard of this before either...has anyone else heard of this?
This particular fruit has been displayed so that people could taste it. I unfortunately was not able to taste it because I am on an elimination diet and fruits are not on it. This website says Mamey Sapote tastes like a mix of sweet potato and pumpkin and it is used in shakes, ice creams, and smoothies.
 I'd never seen this one before either, but it sounds really yummy.
 This is another one that I've never seen or heard of before. They had a little container with grapes that had been peeled.

There were so many more exotic fruits, that I'll save them for another post, as this one is getting rather lengthy.


K and S said...

jaboticaba grows in hawaii, my mom sometimes gets some from friends and makes jam from it :) your UFO is pretty!

Suze said...

I never know jaboticaba grows here. How is the jam? My mother in law used to rave about it.
Thanks, I think my UFO turned out pretty too.