Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reflections 2011 (Diets/Carolina Christmas)

 This is the sunset from Roy's Restaurant out in Hawaii Kai. We went there to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary in 2011. It was delicious! We had the house salad with butterfish. As we were eating the butterfish, we were looking for bones. It appeared that we had boneless butterfish. After we were done eating, we asked about it. They said someone picks out all the bones from the butterfish! What a job! As you can see, we had fresh fruits for dessert.

The little anthurium was our centerpiece and they gave us a gift certificate to return to eat there again. We were planning to go back in December, but both of us are on special diets and can only eat certain things. :-(

 As I mentioned in my last post, DH was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is now on an Anti-cancer diet from Dr. Jason Uchida, naturepathic physician. His diet consist of fresh fruits, veggies (raw), nuts, seeds and fish. He is also taking an arsenal of supplements! He needs to juice some of his fruits and veggies two to three times a day.

I am on an Anti-Candida elimination diet from the same naturepathic physician to get rid of some of my allergies and food sensitivities. I can't have any of the major allergens along with whatever I am allergic or sensitive to. I can eat turkey, fish or organic chicken. I am taking enzymes, probiotics and hypoallergenic vitamins. I still need to take two more things. Dr. Uchida said that this will take about one to three years. Lets hope this works. I'd love to be able to eat more things.

Remember this quilt? Carolina Christmas? Well, I was having some issues with it because my poinsettia blocks were about 1/2" smaller than the Christmas star blocks. I ended up putting a 1/2" border around the poinsettia blocks to make them the same size as the Christmas star blocks. Since that has been resolved, I've been able to sew the blocks together. I put on an inner border, started to put on the last border, then I found a small hole! Arrgh. Now I have to patch the hole. Well, that's where I am on this quilt. I don't think it wants to be made. lol. Well, I'll let you know when I patch it.


K and S said...

I hope that diet works so you can eat more foods that you love.

Suze said...

Thanks Kat. I hope this diet works too.