Saturday, September 11, 2010

Embroidery Workshop

I went to a embroidery workshop back in August and got to play with the Bernina 830. It was fun. We got to make bags. This is the bag I made. It has reverse applique. The pink heart was done using reverse applique.
In reverse applique, you cut away the top fabric to reveal the bottom fabric. I could have cut it a little closer, but it was the first time I've ever done this, so, I guess it came out okay.

Here is a close up of it. I also learned how to attach crystals to my design.

The last picture is of the cut away we also learned how to do.

Another lady in my group made that one.

The 830 is a huge machine! It is also very sensitive. I don't think I want that machine, it is too sensitive. I've talked to three people who purchased the machine. Two of them still haven't taken it out of the box and the third doesn't like it because it is too sensitive.

I'm thinking that maybe I'd like the 730 if I ever get enough funds to purchase an embroidery machine. I've also heard that Janomes are really good too.

What embroidery machine would you recommend?

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