Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stage Skirts

Well, last month, we were busy with SOL (Soldiers of Light) Dinner Theater. Dinner Theater is their only fundraiser that they do every other year.

The students sing and dance and put on a show. The parents cook, donate things for the silent auction, bake things, make decorations, costumes, etc. The theme this year was "Seasons of Love". Therefore, the decorations were in Spring colors with butterflies and flowers everywhere.

This is one of the stage skirts I made. There were 3 of us moms sewing them. We made them in sections. One of the moms came up with the design, and the other mom and I followed her lead. I was able to find out the best way to attach them to the stage with the help of The Friendly Sewing group on Delphi Forums. Thank you to all who gave me input on this. : )

I've attached pictures of the set up of the gym...all of the parents hard work.

This first picture of of the stage without the stage skirts. The one following that is with the stage skirts on part of the stage. By the way, the choir director loves the skirts and says he will use them over and over.

The next picture is of the bake sale set up in the gym.

The picture after that is of the silent auction tables.
Then there is a picture of the scaffolding where the videographer would be, along with some other decorations.
The tables where the dinner guests would be eating and enjoying the show, along with the bleachers where show only guests would be seated.
Some butterflies on a fence to separate the dinner portion of the room from the sales portion where the bake sale, silent auction and refreshments would be sold.

More fencing with butterflies and flowers.

An archway with a walkway lined with flowers led the way to the dinner area from the entrance to the gym. The arch also had lights!

Iron rails to section off the walkway into the gym and act as a separation for the selling area. The butterflies were made by the parents, painted and decorated by the students. The students later got to take home their butterfly as a souvenir of the event.

 Sorry for such a long post. I wanted to keep all of these pictures together.