Monday, February 15, 2010

Water Bottle Carrier #2 and Seam Rippers

This is a picture of the first water bottle carrier I made for my husband. I made the mistake of using nylon for the outside and the inside. The nylon on the outside wasn't very sturdy and started ripping.
This is a picture of the new carrier I made for him. It has denim on the outside, nylon on the inside, and is much sturdier than the last one. Again, I used Carol's pattern. This time I did not embroider anything on the outside. It's just plain. My husband really likes it.
Recently, while I was reading The Quilter's Message Board, there was a thread about seam rippers. The question was asked if seam rippers can become dull. It appears that they can and it is difficult to find a way to sharpen them.

I've had my seam ripper for 20+ years...I never knew that they could become dull. They talked about using an emery board and the Samurai Shark to sharpen them. I'll try the emery board first. In the meantime, I bought myself a new one. The white one is my old one. The brown one is my new one. I'll let you know how the emery board works. If you try it first please let me know if it works.

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