Monday, January 25, 2010

Water Bottle Carrier

My daughter received three stainless steel water bottles for Christmas and to keep them from being dented and scratched, I made her a water bottle carrier using Carol's pattern. (I finally understood the pattern.)

I used my mother's machine to embroider my daughter's name on the carrier. My mother has a sewing machine that embroiders letters and numbers, I think, images. It also can only embroider the letters in one size only. Oh well.

This is a photo of the sky at dusk. Taken from Ko'olau Shopping Center on a voggy evening. The colors were a brighter, pink/orange when I was driving into the parking lot. It changed really fast in the time it took me to park and get out my camera. sigh...maybe next time I'll get a better picture. We seem to be having lots of voggy days. Hope you're having nice vogless (is that a word?) days  where you are.


marysews said...

Turned out pretty good, hun!? I think you should post a link to Carol's instructions, but you might want to ask her first.

Suze said...

Thanks, good idea. I will ask her. Thanks for stopping by. : )