Friday, November 27, 2009

Earth shoes and fabric

Happy Thanksgiving! 

This past week my Earth shoes arrived. I bought another pair of Earth shoes. I had to buy them through the internet since Birkenstock was not able to get them. I went to Birkenstock to try them on, but they didn't have my size in the color that I wanted, so they tried to place an order for them. The company didn't have any so I looked online and found them at Zappos. The best part was that they were on sale and there were no shipping fees. : )

I also went to a garage sale and bought some fabric. A woman who was a quilter had passed away and her sister was trying to get rid of her stash. They had a garage sale in June when they sold most of her fabrics. There were just about 8 bags left. They tried to group the fabrics by what they thought went together for a quilt. As you can see, they were $5, $10 and $5 a bag. Here is what was in the first bag.

Next is what was in the $10 bag.

The last picture is what was in the last bag ($5).

I had some nice sized pieces, but there were also some scrap pieces in the bags.



K and S said...

I tried some Earth shoes at the Walking Company? I think that was the name. Cool you found them on sale and in your size.

The Calico Quilter said...

Oh, Earth shoes! I had them in college - in the 1970's, no less. Didn't even know they still were made.

That's a pretty good fabric haul for the amount you spent. I need to start looking at garage sales!

Suze said...

The Walking Company does have them, but when I went there, they only had one pair left and I kept losing my balance when I stood up after I put them on. They were jogging/waking shoes I believe. I'm glad Birkenstock also carries them and they have a greater variety. Thanks for stopping by. Susette

Suze said...

Hi Calico,
Earth shoes have been around that long? I had no idea. I loved Famalore (sp?) when I was in college. Never heard of Earth shoes until now. Thanks for stopping by. Susette