Monday, July 6, 2009

Potato Leaves, Bread and Drawstring Bags

We fertilized the potato plants and the leaves are now growing as big as my hand! (and I have pretty big hands) We harvested lots of leaves and some potatoes for Father's day lunch. It was yummy. I forgot to take a picture of the potatoes. Oh well, maybe next time.

This loaf of bread was made from scratch using a recipe I got from someone on the Celiac Forum. I turned out great! I went to this natural food store
called The Source in Kailua. They had so many gluten free things! Mixes, flours, cookies, etc. The owner was so nice. He didn't have the mix I wanted, so he ordered for me. Then he called me when they came in. I really like that store!

I've posted pictures of some patchwork drawstring bags I made and gave away to some friends on the mainland. The outside is the patchwork and the inside is the aloha print fabric with monkeys.


Linda said...

Your bread looks really nice. What forum did the recipe come from?

Suze said...

I got it from the celiac forum on delphi forums. Here is the link:
Look for the celiac forum. You will need to's free. :)

Linda said...

Thanks. I'm familiar with that forum. What is the name of the bread recipe?

Suze said...

I'll email it to you. I can't access it on the forum.