Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweet Potato Flowers and Mother's Day gifts

Did you know that purple sweet potato plants had purple flowers? I didn't. The flowers bloom in the morning and fall off the vine in the evening. If you notice in the picture there is a bud next to the flower. The flower was a pretty pale lavender on the outside. Near the center it was a dark purple. I asked the Ag teachers at school and they told me to dig around the area where the flower is because there may be potatoes! I asked them how far down the potatoes would be and they said not far, near the top, so I dug around the area where I saw the flower. I couldn't find anything (sad face), but the flowers are pretty. More on sweet potatoes in another post. :)

For Mother's Day I made a scrap rug and kaleidoscope hot pads.

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