Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthday Gifts and T-shirts

I received a bread machine for my birthday and some dark chocolate. The chocolate was yummy! It's almost half gone. The best part is that they are both gluten free!

As for the bread machine, I sought some advice from the celiac community on-line and as usual they were most helpful. They advised me what setting to use, what bread mixes to try and of course gave me some good TNT (tried and true) gluten free recipes to try. I haven't tried any yet, because I had a difficult time finding some bread mixes. It was recommended to start with a ready made mix so that I would know what the dough is suppose to look like in the machine. To order on-line was difficult also because I would have had to purchase the mix in bulk to off-set the cost of shipping! It was outrageous! I tried to order from Amazon, but many of the grocery items aren't shipped to Hawaii, which makes it really hard to get good deals on gluten free items and ingredients without paying an arm and a leg for shipping...and the search goes on! I'll keep you updated on what I find.

I am altering more shirts for dh...turning them in to tanks or muscle tees...perfect for summer! I also altered a pair of pants, which were torn at the knees, into shorts. Now he has another pair of shorts to wear at home.


K and S said...

happy belated birthday! your sweet potato looked delicious, maybe you should boil it and add some sugar for sweet potato filling for manju? (sorry I don't know if manju is gluten free).

anyway, looks like you are keeping very busy :)

Suze said...

Thanks, Kat. That's a good idea. Manju is made from sweet rice flour right? If so, it is gluten free. Take care. :)