Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Days of Rain, Two Days of Vog and a Strip Stocking

We finally had some rain. It rained all day Saturday and Sunday. It was nonstop between a constant drizzle and and a heavier rain. I know it probably wasn't enough to get us out of a drought, but it was a start. Windward Oahu is under a voluntary water conservation as of Aug. 31 until further notice. So far, we haven't been advised otherwise so, I guess we're still conserving water.

After the two days of rain, we had two days of vog. I took this picture on Tuesday. Yesterday, Wednesday, the vog was worse. It was very, ver
y thick. They showed on the news that you couldn't see the coastline on Oahu. Luckily, the trades came back late Wednesday night and today was a lot clearer. It was even clearer than Tuesday when I took the photo.

I had to make a sample Christmas strip stocking for my class at school. I used Eleanor Burns' pattern. It was fun and easy. I did this last year using another teacher's stocking as a sample and the students loved it. Now, I have my own and I don't have to borrow the other teacher's stocking.


K and S said...

Hope the vog will pass, wasn't good for you the last time. That stocking is nice!

Suze said...

Thanks, Kat. The vog is passing, but is expected back next week. 8( Glad you liked the stocking. Sus

MouseChirpy said...

Suze, you have a majestic view of the mountains where you live. Totally breathtaking! It looks so close that you can practically reach out and touch it.
I love your patchwork Christmas stocking and the fabric holly embellishment really makes this stocking pop. Fabulous job!

Suze said...

Thank you MouseChirpy, the stocking was fun and the view is wonderful. We can see waterfalls when it rains. Sus