Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shopping bags

I am trying to sew bags to use at the market. I've discovered that supermarkets here give you credit for using your own bags. Safeway gives $.03/bag. Times and Foodland give $.05/bag. So far I am not very satisfied with my designs. I took apart a plastic bag from the supermarket and used it as a pattern. I sort of followed the Singlet tutorial, with adjustments here and there. I tried to make a pocket to fold the bag into, without success. I wasn't very satisfied with the final product, although I loved the fabric I used for it. I had problems with the handles too.

This brown bag is my second attempt. I am still not satisfied with the result. I made more adjustments to the pattern and this time I was able to fold up the bag and use the pocket! Hurray!

I will be making a third attempt at this, hopefully I can make it to my satisfaction.


K and S said...

you could also use an old tank top. these look good though.

Suze said...

I never thought of that, although I did see Martha Stewart cut up a t-shirt to make a bag. Good suggestion. thanks, kat.