Sunday, October 12, 2014

Old photos and Tobu Supermarket

Found this old picture in my files of the time we went to see Wicked at the Neal Blaisdell Center. After I took this picture, I found out that we weren't suppose to take pictures. I loved the show! It was the best Broadway show I've seen so far. One of the main characters in it was from Hawaii, which made it better.

The next two pictures are of Christmas gifts I made and have since given, since the last time I posted. A Christmas stocking for my nephew, hot pads and coasters form my mom. My nephew used to like to play with the hot pads and coasters. 

The following pictures are more from our trip to Japan. The first is of the train system. Boy, talk about extensive and confusing! Even those who live there use an app to travel on the trains. We rode the subway and the other trains. The only train we did not ride was the Shinkansen or bullet train. The hardest part was not being able to understand some of the operators when they announced which stations we were approaching, because they mumbled! Luckily, most of the trains had the names of the approaching stations above the doors and most of the people were very nice. I was even able to communicate with them using my broken Japanese.

We went exploring the next day and found a supermarket in the Tobu Store near our hotel. Yay! All the vegetables were neatly packaged. We also found sashimi, hot food, etc. It kind of reminded us of Shirokiya here. There was even a guy cooking sweet potatoes on the hot rocks!

We ended up eating meals and buying water from this supermarket...more to come in a later post.

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