Sunday, October 24, 2010

$2 Fabric and Bees

 I went to Fabric Mart and these were in the $2 fabrics! I don't know why I bought so much brown. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be able to use it for something.
One morning we found this dead carpenter bee in our garage. It was just lying on the asphalt. Strange, huh.
Anyway, I just have to tell you my "bee" stories.

A few years ago I was driving to Kailua with my windows down and a honey bee landed on the arm rest inside the car. I was so scared that it would sting me. I pulled over as soon as I could, opened the door and got the bee out. Needless to say, it just fell to the ground when I swiped it out of the car with something.

Now a few months ago, as I was driving up the Pali Hwy, and another honey bee fell into the car. This time it landed on my left knee! I was in the left lane and had to go all the way to the right lane to go on the Old Pali Road! This time I was really scared because it was on my knee, luckily I had long pants, but still...anyway, I had to swipe it out of the car and off my knee with something. Again, the bee just fell. It didn't fly, it just fell.

These happened when I was driving alone, so sadly, I have no witness of these freakish events. I do not want to experience this again, but has anyone else had these types of things happen to them? I would like to know.

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