Sunday, March 7, 2010


These dolls were at my MIL's house. I couldn't see just dumping them no matter how much I didn't like them. We don't have room at our house. The dolls are about two feet tall, have real hair, are made from cloth and are in excellent condition.

I called around, but no one could tell me if they were worth anything. I finally emailed a doll expert on Antiques Roadshow and sent him these pictures. He emailed his friend, Alan Pate, who said that these dolls are sakura-ningyo made from a kit popular in the 1920s. 

We'll be looking to donate them somewhere. I guess they're not worth much, if anything...learned something in the process, though.


K and S said...

wow! I wonder if the Japanese Chamber of Commerce would take these.

Suze said...

Yeah, I need to call them. I hope they do. Thanks for the suggestion Kat. : )