Friday, September 26, 2008

Curtains, Quilt Show

I'm working on curtains for the kitchen. I did the lower part, now I'm working on the swag portion. I'm stuck on the ruffle portion. It's not turning out how I want it. I think I may have to lengthen or extend the ruffle so that I can get more ruffle. Right now it's kind of flat. I hope I purchased enough fabric. The blue and white fabric is the old curtain. The sunflower fabric is the new curtain. I've never made curtains before. This is a learning experience.

Back in August, I went to a Quilt Show. These are some of the quilts that were on display. My photos are a bit blurry, but the quilt with the large flower was really something. The flower was 3D. It was really pretty. I wish my photo was better.


K and S said...

those quilts were something! I made curtains when we moved here, just sewed a channel and stuck the rod through, your version sounds more intense. hope it turns out for you :)

Suze said...

Yes Kat, those quilts were. I took tons of photos of them. I may post more of them at another time. I finally finished them. I will write about them in another post. Suz