Monday, October 13, 2014

A Gift, Aprons and Unagi Ichinoya Restaurant

 I got this coin purse as a gift made out of some sort of wrappers, which I still haven't used, partly because it is too nice to use.

One of the women at Bernina club made and hand quilted this quilt! It was later on display at one of the quilt shows I went to.

I made the following aprons for my EA and I to use at school for our Fashion Design class. We used it for the scissors, seam ripper, and anything else we needed for the class. I use mine everyday for passes, pens, pencils, collateral that I collect from the students, etc.

One of the families we know in Japan took us to a restaurant that was serving unagi for over 100 years, but because I couldn't eat anything with gluten, this was my dinner. I had a platter of sashimi with crab and a large salad.

The unagi came in a dish donburi style. I heard it was delicious!

The name if the restaurant is Unagi Ichinoya. I don't know what the kanji is.

More to come later...


K and S said...

I'm glad there were things for you to eat! the kanji is "sama", so it says "unagi ichinoya-sama"

Suze said...

Thanks Kat! That makes sense.