Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rental Car

This is a picture of the rental car we got from enterprise. Our car was deemed a total loss. It was in an accident last week. The other party's insurance is paying for the rental, at least part of it. I'm not too happy with the arrangement, but it's better than nothing. We have it for a week.

The insurance is paying for the rental fee. We have to pay for the insurance for the rental. How messed up is that. Sorry, but I have to vent. The fees for the insurance come out to more than the cost of the rental itself. What a rip off! I'm ready to ask my parents if we can borrow their car. I think the other party's insurance should cover everything, because he hit us! Now we have to get a new car. Grrrr...

My DH is in Oregon. He took my DD to college. I've been trying to reach him on his cell, but he hasn't returned by calls. This is most frustrating. I guess we need to go car shopping this weekend. Gotta get rid of this rental ASAP. I hope I can convince DH to go car shopping on Mon. He returns from his trip tomorrow.

I hope your weekend is going well. Thanks for listening.


K and S said...

sorry to hear about the accident, hope you all are all right. that arrangement does suck. I hope you can get a new car soon. At least the other party had insurance, when a girl hit my dad's car many moons ago, she didn't have any insurance plus my dad's car was quite old so its blue book value wasn't much. in the end he spent more to replace the car. hope all works out for you!!

Suze said...

Thanks Kat, Matt took the brunt of the hit and is still having tests. Age on the other hand is done and doing well.